What to Eat When You Are Bored of Cooking?

Even if you enjoy cooking, you might not always feel like it. Perhaps you’re tired because you had an extremely long day at work, or perhaps you simply feel like you’re always eating the same thing at home.

We all have our go-to recipes that we love preparing time and time again, and it’s normal to grow tired of them once in awhile. There are days where we wish we didn’t have to cook at all, or that we could find a simple and quick recipe that could get us excited about preparing it.

If you are wondering what to eat when you are bored of cooking, these 7 tips will inspire you:

1. Order from a restaurant or a prepared meal delivery service

When you are bored of cooking, one of the easiest things you can do is pick up your phone and order a meal from your favourite restaurant. But if you’re tired of always ordering the same meals, why not check if there are any prepared meal delivery services serving your area?

The best thing about prepared meal delivery services is that you can usually ask them to customize your meals. If you’re trying to cut down on salt, for example, you can ask them to not add any salt to your order.

2. Prepare more simple meals

Not every meal you eat has to be fancy and long to prepare. If you want to spend less time working in the kitchen, look for simple recipes that don’t contain more than 4 or 5 ingredients. A quick online search will show you how you could prepare many delicious meals with only a few ingredients.

You can also choose to prepare simple meals that don’t require any cooking. Think about salads, pasta salads, wraps, sandwiches, or toasts topped with eggs or beans, for example. Those can be ready in only a few minutes.

3. Plan your meals in advance each week

Many of us don’t like having to make last minute decisions. By planning your meals in advance at the beginning of each week, you can save yourself some stress as well as a lot of time since you will be more efficient in the kitchen.

Planning your meals doesn’t have to be complicated: take a moment to think about what you want to eat each day of the week, make a shopping list, and buy only what you need to prepare the week’s meals.

When it’s time to prepare a meal, cook the next one on your list without thinking too much about it.

4. Make sure you always have plenty of leftovers

As you plan your meals for the week, why not schedule a time where you will cook a large batch of food? Prepare soup, chili, stew, beans, spaghetti sauce, or white sauce, and keep it in the fridge. You can even keep some portions in the freezer, and you’ll be able to put them to good use during the week.

And whenever you prepare pasta, rice, or roast meat, make sure you prepare a bit more than what you’re going to eat in one meal. This way, you will always have some leftovers, which are great to have whenever you don’t feel like cooking.

5. Open a recipe book and prepare the first recipe you see

If it’s always difficult for you to choose what you’re going to eat, you could simply pick up a recipe book or a cooking magazine, open a page at random, and try this recipe, no matter what it is.

If you are bored of always eating the same few dishes, leaving the choice of your recipe to chance could bring you a pleasant surprise.

You could even make it a fun challenge: every night, pick a recipe book or a magazine you pretty much never use, and try the first recipe you see when you open it.

6. Try to cook with new ingredients

If you enjoy challenges, you could pick up a vegetable or an ingredient you have never eaten before at the grocery store. Then, when you get home, look for recipes so you can learn how to use this new ingredient.

Simply buying something you have never tasted before, a new spice, for example, could get you excited about trying new recipes and discovering the joy of cooking all over again.

7. Have fun inventing a new recipe

Perhaps you are bored of cooking because you have forgotten what it was like to learn something new in the kitchen, to try a new technique, to experiment with flavours, and to make mistakes.

Inventing a new recipe, or getting inspired by the menu of a famous restaurant to try to reproduce a dish that looks tasty, could allow you to have some fun in the kitchen, whether alone or with your family.

And when you’re having fun, everything becomes easier and more satisfying, doesn’t it?