The 5 Types of Burglars and How to Protect Your Home from Them

To protect your home against theft, you need to learn a thing or two about your adversary – the burglar. Knowledge is power in the bid to secure your home. There are several types of burglars with different motivations and modes of operation. Understanding how they think and execute their nefarious agenda should inform the way you approach the task of protecting your home from burglars. Here are the 5 types of burglars.

  1. The Delinquent

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Most burglars fall under this category. They are usually young and have this notion that they have nothing to lose. They could be a high school dropout between the ages of 15 and 25 with a history of substance abuse or violence.  The delinquent is mostly motivated by poverty, boredom, and sometimes peer pressure. They are simply looking for an easy target just to prove a point to their peers. Since they are not skilled burglars, they will look for easy access points as their aim is to steal something for showoff. Backdoors, open doors, and open windows are their best access points. With the right measures, you can keep this burglar away from your house. Ensure your doors, windows, and all other access points are always locked. Keep your valuables out of sight. The key to keeping the delinquent at bay is to make stealing from you look like too much work.

  1. Opportunistic Burglars

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This is a type of burglar who has been in the business for a few years. They will take advantage of easy access points, but will also pick a few locks if need be. The opportunistic burglar is willing to go the extra mile just to get away with something. The opportunist will not preplan their attack, they will do it whenever an opportunity presents itself. They are likely to make away with several items to sell in black markets. The key to keeping this burglar away is ensuring your doors are always locked. Do not leave any window open and check your back door too. Try as much as possible not to leave your valuables in plain sight. Ask your locksmith to install deadbolts on your doors and motion-triggered lights around the compound.

  1. The Smasher

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These ones are more impulsive and aggressive. They are more than willing to break down your door and windows just to gain access. Because of the noise created while breaking in, they do not spend too much time on the premise. This makes them leave a lot of damaged stuff because they were in a hurry to find something. You need to invest in strong locks and windows. If they feel challenged, they back off and run. Consider investing in deadbolts and window bars.

  1. Prowler Burglars

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This is the most experienced and dangerous kind of burglar. They have been in the business for a while and have mastered the art. They take their time to find the perfect mark, learn the home owner’s schedule, and identify easy entry points. They will find a way to disable your security system and can easily get away with the crime. Protecting your home from burglars with this level of experience requires you to go a little further than usual. You need to Install undetectable security cameras, install a security system that notifies you if there is activity around your compound in your absence. Also, install an alarm.

  1. Professional Burglars

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They make use of top-notch break-in equipment. They target high-end residences and commercial properties. They take time to plan the robbery and work in groups. A good security system will go a long way in protecting your home from these burglars.


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