How to Use a Vape Pod as a New Beginner

If you are new to vaping, you may have wet your feet with a disposable pen. They are cheap and convenient, but it’s time to transition to a personal device. For a newbie, it’s the vape pod.

These trendy devices are easy to operate, straightforward, and convenient when you want a nicotine hit or to learn to chase clouds. They bring the simplicity of a vape pen with the latest tech.

Here is how to use a vape pen as a new beginner.

What is a vape pod?

Your vape pods have a few components built into an all-in-one system. This cartridge has a coil, wick, and juice without needing a tank or atomizer, and it’s best to buy a vape starter kit as it includes everything you need to get going.

They are a little larger than an e-cigarette but are portable enough to fit in your pocket or bag. It is an affordable, convenient device with good performance and a vape that you can learn from before moving to bigger ones.

How to charge a vape pod

Charging your device is a good place to start because you want it at 100% when you go out, so it lasts as long as possible. Usually, there is a lithium-ion battery inside, and it charges via USB into any compatible connection.

While it doesn’t take too long, some people get impatient and have a partially charged device that runs out quickly. Then you may opt for a disposable device that will always go.

Get into a routine of charging the night before bed when you don’t need to use it. It is ready to take on the day with you in the morning.

Mouth-to-lung hits

A vape pod is designed for mouth-to-lung hits, especially with high nicotine levels. MTL is where you inhale into your mouth first instead of directly into your lungs. It is similar to smoking a cigarette.

  • Start with a straight, slow drag into your mouth. If there is a button, you push it now.
  • Hold it for a few seconds before inhaling it into your lungs without swallowing.
  • Exhale

This is a good way for a new vaper to start because it is less harsh, vape pods are designed for this tight draw, and better throat hit.

A direct lung hit is usually for larger vapes, and more vape is produced and inhaled quickly, directly into the lungs, and then you breathe out the vapour. High nicotine is best suited for MTL, while low or no nicotine is better for DL hits.

Closed System vs Open System

Vape pods come in two types, depending on how hands-on you want to be.

Closed System

This is for easy operation and affordability. You will be using refilled pods with your favourite juice, and all it takes is removing an empty one and clicking on a new one. There is a wide variety of juice flavours and nicotine levels but not as many as in juice bottles.

There is also very little maintenance, so you just need to enjoy your vape anytime. Closed systems tend to be weaker draws, and you can experience a “spit back” with e-juice bouncing off the coil.

Open System

An open system gets you more involved by manually refilling the device, giving you various e-juice options. Depending on your model, you unscrew the top and refill it with a syringe or dropper or pour liquid directly from the bottle.

Open systems tend to have a smoother draw with the ability to produce bigger clouds. Refilling the pod can be a hassle; you will have to replace the cartridge regularly and the coil.

Vape pods for beginners

Absolutely! A first-time vaper will find a vape pod, like smoking a cigarette without the toxic tar and smoke. They are cheap and easy to operate with a draw-activated system.

A beginner will transfer to this from disposable vapes or pens, and it’s a way to learn the basics. You can stick with this device level or move on to a higher-quality vaping experience, which will gently transition you there. It’s easy to use but gets you refilling and changing out a few things.

Vape pods for experienced users

For an experienced paper, it’s a way to simplify and allow you to enjoy vaping without all the settings, options and calibration. You can have fun again without all the frills.

Moving through different vaping devices is a rite of passage and a way to find what works best for you. Have a great time with your vape pod, and keep it handy for when you want to go up and down the vape scale. It may end up being your favourite vape.