How to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors

Wooden floors are installed across many homes. Since wooden floors are made straightforwardly, they can become vulnerable to stains of various kinds. Water stains are a common occurrence but can be remedied by simple techniques.

Once a specified amount of water goes onto the wooden floor, it will make one of two visuals. The first type of stain will be coloured on a white-coloured basis and require its approach. Typically, white water stains can be found on newly installed wooden floors compared to their older counterparts.

On the flip side, black water stains may also be something you have to contend with. They are darker in tone and could be more difficult to contend with overall. Blackwater stains tend to penetrate the wood material a lot deeper than their respective counterparts. No matter what stain you see, there are ways to remove the water stains effectively.

Here is how to remove water stains from wood floors:

Remove Water Stains with Mineral Oil

If you are trying to handle white-based water stains, applying some mineral oil to the spot in question will be vital. In essence, mineral oil works to break down the visual appearance of stains in a rather quick fashion. To kickstart the process, apply a thin layer of the oil onto the targeted stain.

You will have to wait about a few minutes before repeating the process. Once you are satisfied with the process, wait for a full day to let the oil break down the stain. After twenty-four hours have elapsed, come back to the stain, and it should have disappeared on your beautiful wood flooring!

Remove Water Stains with Mineral Spirits

If mineral oils do not work on your wooden stains, you will become stronger. That is where mineral spirits come in, acting as a stronger version of their oil-based alternatives. To make the process work, follow the same procedure for the oils. Mineral spirits will be there for you to take care of those peskier stains.

Remove Water Stains with Baking Soda Solution

There is a universal agreement in baking soda acting as an extremely powerful cleaning agent. For white water stains, this sentiment rings true and then some. Grab some baking soda and combine it with water. The result should be a paste, which will then be applied to the stain.

Start by rubbing the paste onto the targeted area, and use a microfibre cloth to rub it in gently. Wait for a full day to pass, and the stain should have disappeared completely. If you want to bring the floor back to its original sheen, apply some furniture polish and leave it to dry.

Remove Water Stains with Sandpaper Technique

To tackle those darker water stains, you will have to resort to some stronger methods in practice. One of those methods has to do with sandpaper, which will be used in tandem with wax. Begin the process by rubbing the sandpaper over the surface layer of the wooden floor.

If the stain has not penetrated the wooden material too deeply, this technique should have done the trick. Wrap up the procedure by applying several wax layers on the spot. This will bring the floor back to its original state in a manner that matches the original condition.

Remove Water Stains with Bleach

Sometimes regarded as a last resort, bleach can also cover dark water stains on the wooden floors. Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent and may work wonders. However, you will want to be as careful as possible here, as bleach may do more damage than intended.

Apply a thin coat of chlorine bleach directly on the stain on your flooring. Then, you will have to wait several hours for the liquid to work as intended. Once those hours have elapsed, use a damp sponge to remove any excess bleach that may have remained afterwards.

Remove Water Stains with Professional Repair

In some cases, water stains may have accumulated to a point where an expert repair job is necessary. In this regard, you may have to call it a specialist to remove the wooden planks and install newer ones. This may also be seen as a last resort if you wish to save some money. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure to tackle those water stains as soon as you can!