5 Home Maintenance To Do This Spring

by David V. Hoffman

Proper home maintenance can save you money down the road. Whether you need a plumber, or an electrician or an HVAC technician, it’s always better to check your home now than wait for later. Early spring is the perfect time to prepare and plan for projects especially before the rainy April showers hit. Here’s a list of home maintenance projects that are must do this spring.

1) Clean the gutters.

Keep on top of your gutters and you will be grateful for when the showers hit. While it can be a task, it’s important for proper to flow through your gutters to avoid clogs.

2) Examine the roof.

Take a gander on the roof and check out to see if you see a need to replace shingles lost in the winter season or to repair any damage. Any extensive damage needs a professional roofer to come by repair. You can usually do an assessment of the damage with a good set of binoculars.

3) Weather proof – for the summer.

If you have already added weather stripping or caulking around your doors and windows for the cold season, you will need to do the same and likely add new for the summer season. Weather proofing works in the summer to keep out the heat and can prevent any cool air inside from escaping.

4) Inspect your sprinkler system.

One sure way to spend too much money on your water bill is a sprinkler system that hasn’t been checked in a while. Run the sprnkler system through and check for spots leaking or damaged sprinkler heads. Also check for water waste as well, such as sprinklers that send water running down the street or sidewalk.

5) Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Do a test run on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace any batteries as needed. Ideally you should have one in each room and area of the house and they should be checked regularly.

Of course this just scratches the surface on the maintenance of your home this spring. Any extensive damage should be checked with a professional but quite a lot of projects can be DIY, so don’t be afraid to research how to do these yourself.

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