9 Stylish Fireplace Design Ideas for Your Home

Fireplaces make our homes cozier and more inviting, providing us with comforting warmth and light during the year’s colder months. They can also become an important part of a room’s decor scheme, so it makes sense to want a fireplace that is as stylish as it is functional.

Whether you are about to get a new fireplace or want to give a makeover to your old one, fireplace design ideas can inspire your decor. Check out these nine fireplace design ideas for your home:

Idea #1: Choose a timeless design

There are nothing like original wood fireplaces. If you are lucky enough to have one in your home, preserve and cherish it. If you don’t own one and can’t find one, you can opt for a timeless design that will remind you of an antique fireplace.

A stunning marble fireplace or one with a large and ornate surround will instantly add charm and value to your home.

If you live in a period house, research to find a style of fireplace that fits the period.

Idea #2: Opt for a simple design and clean lines

If you are more interested in modern decor trends than traditional homes, choose a fireplace with a simple design and clean lines.

An all-white, all grey or all-black fireplace, with a surround and mantel made from either marble or stone, will perfectly match a modern or minimalist decor scheme. You could opt for a glass-fronted fireplace, which is safer and looks more modern.

Idea #3: Leave beautiful bricks exposed

Brick fireplaces can be painted over or covered with plaster, marble or stone. The bricks can also be left exposed for a charming look that adds a touch of history to your home.

Exposed bricks will add warmth, texture and character to your fireplace, which is ideal if you live in a traditional home. If you feel exposed red bricks would look too overwhelming in your decor scheme, you could paint the bricks of your fireplace white to soften their features.

Idea #4: Incorporate some custom tiles

Instead of buying and installing a pre-built fireplace, you could get your fireplace surround customized with textured bricks or tiles.

Why not incorporate some unique tiles you bought while on vacation or hand painted with your family? Custom tiles to your fireplace surround will help create a more fun and colourful design. It will also ensure that no other home in the world features a fireplace like yours.

Idea #5: Choose between stacked stone or slate

If you want something durable with a lot of character, you could replace a boring fireplace surround with one made from stone or slate.

Stacked stone fireplaces come in different styles, colours and textures. They look elegant and timeless, and they are extremely simple to maintain. They can be made from real stones or from stylish panels that are easy to install and will give the appearance of real stacked stones.

Idea #6: Make a dramatic impression with tiles

Instead of focusing on your fireplace surround design, you could cover the entire wall around your fireplace, from floor to ceiling, with tiles.

Tiles are an easy way to add colour and texture to the room. You can choose colourful patterned tiles for a dramatic effect or solid ones to keep things simpler and peaceful.

Idea #7: Frame your fireplace with wall panels

If the walls of the room where your fireplace is installed are covered with beautiful wall panels, you can also frame your fireplace with wall panels.

If your walls are not covered with panels, you could opt for adding panels to the area of your fireplace and chimney breast. The result will be a sophisticated, elegant, timeless design that will make your fireplace stand out.

Idea #8: Add built-in shelves for storage

Fireplaces are usually located in the middle of a wall. The space on each side of the fireplace, perhaps even above the mantel, can be perfect for welcoming custom built-in shelves.

Make a statement using these shelves to display beautiful logs or fill them with books, picture frames, vases, and sculptures.

Idea #9: Make sure your fireplace is the focal point of the room

Your fireplace will become the heart of your home during the winter. You have to ensure it becomes or remains the focal point of the room it’s in, whether it’s a living room, a family room or a kitchen.

To do so, you could paint your fireplace surround or the wall behind it. Choose either a paint colour that will compliment the colour scheme of the room or one that will create a dramatic and dynamic contrast.