8 Qualities of Carpet Flooring

Installing new flooring can be expensive. You are probably looking for an option that will last long for an affordable price. Carpet tiles are a new concept that allows you to mix and match colors and structures. It works well for any type of interior design.

Apart from the aesthetics and vibrant colors, carpet tiles offer many other advantages such as acoustic performance, light reflection and walking comfort. They are highly versatile and durable. They are modular in design, making installation easy and efficient. Of course, there are many options of flooring that you can choose. Carpet tiles are one of the many good options for the following reasons:

1. Sophistication and creativity

There are many options of design, colors and shapes of the carpet tiles that you can apply. You can be very creative and still achieve a sophisticated look for any type of floor whether residential, commercial or hospitality sector. You can get the carpet tiles custom made to suit your interior design.

2. Modular design

You can combine different shapes and colors. You can have the possibility to mix and match patterns for any size room. The biggest advantage with modular designs is that you are not placing a roll of carpet that is just one color. With the modular carpet tile option, you can achieve endless layout possibilities. You can have hexagon, zigzag or even checkered style carpet tiles.

3. Easy installation

Unlike full carpet rolls, carpet tiles are manageable pieces that are easy to install. The tiles are very light to lift and handle as well. During installation, you can mix and match the colors and shapes in many versatile ways to create a unique look for the room. By combining different styles and shapes, you can always find the right style and look for any room. With carpet tiles, you no longer have to worry about cutting big carpet rolls to fit the room or even wastage of carpet roll pieces.

4. Quick replacement

Foot traffic and stains can wear out the carpet tile, but you do not have to change the entire carpet. All you have to do is just replace the few carpet tiles that are rugged or damaged.

5. Cost Effective

You may think that carpet tiles cost more than the regular carpet roll. Even if it is, think of the long run savings. When it is time to replace the carpet, you just have to replace one or two tiles and not the entire carpet. Secondly, carpet tiles do not result in wastage of carpet. You can buy the exact amount of tiles to fit the room floor. Even if you have a surplus of tiles, these carpet tiles can be used as replacement tiles later when needed.

6. Suited for any room layouts

Carpet tiles are the best solution for awkward or complexed room layouts. You can find a pattern and shape that works well with the floor measurements and tricky shape.

7. Warm and comfortable

During winter, you are not walking on cold floors. The advantage with carpet tiles is that it will keep you warm during winter months. At your residence, you can walk around your rooms without having to wear socks. Carpet tiles protect the space from the outside cold, while insulating the room to prevent heat loss.

8. Timeless choice

Carpet tiles that are well maintained stay strong and never go out of fashion. These tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic and even furniture indentation. You can also change some of the carpet tiles to a different color or an area with a different pattern to refresh your floors.

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