7 Ways to Ring in the New Year

As 2018 draws closer to an end, it’s never too early to think about New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day). If you usually do the same thing each year, maybe this year is the time to do something a bit different. Consider these tips for ringing in the new year a bit differently.

1) Dinner at a fancy restaurant.

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When is the last time you indulged on a fancy restaurant? Rent a limo and invite your closest friends to the fanciest restaurant in your area. Make sure everyone dresses up, gets their nails and hair done and gets their camera ready.

2) Game Night.

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If you are more inclined to stay in, invite people over for a night of board games. Whether you play checkers or Twister or Scrabble, it’s a fun way to get to midnight. It’s also a fun way of unleashing that competitive side you likely keep hidden.

3) Potluck.

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If you can’t afford a fancy restaurant, have a pot luck instead. Purchase some inexpensive champagne and encourage everyone to bring a favorite appetizer, dinner and dessert. Make sure everyone knows specific dishes they need to bring.

4) Get a whole new look.

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Ideally, you can recruit a friend to join you, but to celebrate the new year, get a whole new look going. Visit a salon, with hopefully some idea in mind, and completely transform your hair and color. Visit a clothing store you never usually go into and convince the sales person dress you up in a new way. Even if it lasts for just one night, take on a whole new look for the day.

5) Make a time capsule.

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Put together items from this past year that represent milestones and memory markers that you don’t want to forget. Write down your resolutions and hopes for the next year. Hopefully this will help you celebrate the next year too as you uncover what you wanted to remember this past year.

6) Have a movie night.

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Whether it’s at a theater or a night at home, have a marathon of movies. Watch a collection of your favorites or a collection that pushes you outside of your cinema box.

7) Bake with friends.

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Even if you think you can’t cook, everyone can bake, at least a little bit. Recruit your friends and bring them by to have a baking session. Indulge your sweet treat creations as the new year turns.

Hopefully with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to ring in the new year in style.

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