7 Questions You Should Always Ask About Service Management Software Before Buying It

If you are in a service industry, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your service quality and turnaround time. The global adaptation of service management software has transformed the service industry and it is predicted that by 2022, the field service management will account for $4.45 billion markets globally.

It is a high time to invest in a service management software, if you are still doing it manually (paper – pen method). Now before going all guns blazing and buying from the very first vendor you had a meeting with, take a note of following 7 most important questions. Ask these questions to the vendor and only after getting satisfying answers for each one of them, invest your money in it.

Here we go:

1. Is The Price Static or Dynamic in Nature?


One of the major cons of the IT industry is its hidden costs. No one ever talks about it. If the vendor has given you a quote of $500, make sure that the price remains same even after implementing it with your system. If you don’t ask such questions, the software companies can take you for a ride by enforcing additional costs in the name of updates, bug-fixed, new features, compatibility etc. Always ask about the price at present and the price at the future.

2. What All Kind of Support Shall I Be Offered?


Never shy away from asking the questions of support you’ll with the package. Many times, it has been seen that the software companies charge extra for their support for an extended period of time. Make sure that you know all about it and how much it’ll cost in future.

3. What Are The Additional Resources Required In Order To Integrate The Software With The Workflow?


What will you do if you need a mainframe worth $2k in order to install service management software of $500? When I say that no question is non-important, you have to believe me. A software needs to be compatible with your system of operations and if it’s not, you have made a wrong choice.

4. Why Are You Not Offering Enough Features And How Often Do You Release Updates?


Do a market research of all the field service management software available at your disposal. Match their pros and cons and keep track of them for at least 1-2 months. Ask your vendors about the features they’re not providing but are being provided by their competition.

Also, make sure that you know about the frequency at which your software will get free updates. Even if the updates are paid for, make sure that you are aware of it.

5. How Scalable Is Your Service Management Software?


If your company is growing at a rapid pace, make sure that the software on which you are spending so much is at least scalable. The last thing you’d want to happen is the need to change the software because the old one is no longer compatible with the number of service requests being generated.

6. What Kind of Staff Training Is Required And How Long Will It Take To Get Trained?


Your staff needs to be trained in order to be able to use the field service management software. Make sure that you know how much time will it take them to learn the basics and advanced features of the management software. Also, don’t forget to ask the kind of training required. Most of the times, just a simple presentation is enough while sometimes, code learning is also required.

7. Is Your Software Most Suited For My Global Clients?

Along with scalability, diversity also plays a vital role in deciding which service management software you’re planning to buy. If the software is not user-friendly with your off-shore service team, there is no use of investing in it. Not only the service team, make sure that your offshore clients are able to generate service requests easily through the software.


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