7 Practical Uses of Liquid De-Icer

In the cold winter months, the constant battle is just to survive those slick roads and pathways. The most treacherous days come after the warmth hits the ice and snow and melts it into a liquid only to freeze again in a cold snap later on. Multiple solutions have been devised to help melt the ice – rock salt, sand, and plows are just a few – but liquid de-icer can help make your winter ice-melting escapades a total breeze.

1. It is cheaper

Compared with other materials used for melting ice on roads and sidewalks, liquid de-icer is one of the cheapest. Because it takes so much rock salt to melt ice, liquid de-icer is to do the same work, but with fewer resources. It also takes less time to administer than other ice-melting solutions which makes it more economic for labour as well.

2. It doesn’t cause as much damage

Rock salt can be really harsh on roads and sidewalks, as well as on cars, shoes, and whatever else it touches. Alternatively, liquid de-icer is an organic product that does not cause the same amount of damage as rock salt does. It also doesn’t stain or track into your home like rock salt can, so it is overall much less of a pain to deal with.

3. It is versatile

Liquid de-icer works well for melting ice and snow that has already fallen, but it can also be used as an anti-icer that is spread before any ice appears. This can be really helpful to even out the amount of work that needs to be done, especially when a big freeze is expected. This way, a constant cycle of pre-icing and de-icing can occur, which ensures that the road or sidewalk is always safe for travelling.

4. It lasts longer

Liquid de-icer can last longer than rock salt because it doesn’t tend to melt away as quickly. Liquid de-icer is better able to attach to the road surface so it stays effective much longer and the particles stay active longer as well, which significantly cuts down on the number of applications needed to keep a road travel safe.

5. It is more environmentally friendly

Not only is liquid de-icer safe for vegetation, soil and trees, but the main component has actually been approved for use in fertilizer. This makes liquid de-icer a much more environmentally friendly ice-melting solution than other options available on the market.

This makes liquid de-icer an especially great option for those who are more on the earth conscious side, and it allows others who are not as concerned about the earth to take a step in the right direction.

6. It works faster

It’s simple. When rock salt is used to melt ice, the particles warm the surrounding ice and snow which melts it and begins a chain reaction and creates a brine which spread and continues to spread to create a total melt effect. With liquid de-icers, step one is already complete. The liquid is the brine that is needed to melt the ice, so it is just a matter of spreading it around so it can do its thing.

7. It’s part of the team

De-icer is not meant to be used on its own. It is an important part of the de-icing team. Plows and some rock salt or sand mixtures may still be required, depending on the intensity of the ice or snow that needs dealing with. Although they are a super versatile product, liquid de-icer may still need a little help from complementing methods to assist in creating safe roads and walkways in those long, slippery winter months.

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