7 Life Hacks for Moving Houses

Moving house is never easy or stress-free, however, there are some things that you can do to take away some of the stress and effort that will go into packing up all of your possessions and moving them to your new home.

1. Get organised

You should never leave anything to do with your home move to the last second. If you do, there will simply not be enough time to get everything sorted. If you have all of your ducks in a row and are as organised as possible in the days, weeks and months ahead of your move you will be making your life a lot easier.

Hopefully, you will have a lot of notice ahead of your move. You should use this time wisely to plan your move and make sure that you haven’t left anything to chance. By making lists and lots of notes, you will be putting yourself in the driving seat and will not be overwhelmed on the day of the move

2. Get rid of things you don’t need

You can make your life a lot easier by selling, recycling or donating things that you don’t want or need. After all, the less you have to move the better. This can be a great opportunity to de-clutter your home so that you only box up and move things that you’re actually going to be using in the future. Otherwise, you will probably end up with a garage full of boxes that you won’t touch until it is time to move again.

3. Take your time

If possible, you don’t want to rush your move. You want to give yourself as much time as possible to plan your move so that you’re not surprised by anything along the way. If you have the time to put a plan in place then you will be able to complete each task in a realistic time frame.

4. Make a checklist

On the day of the move, you’re going to be very busy, as such you may find that you can’t keep track of all of the moving pieces in your head. If you write down a checklist you can be confident that you will not miss anything or forget to do something. Also, a checklist will make you feel in control and you will be less likely to get overwhelmed.

5. Hire professional movers

You may think that you can handle every aspect of the move yourself, but if you can have a team of highly trained and experienced moving professionals handle the literal heavy lifting then why not!

Professional movers know how to best pack, move and unpack your belongings in a safe and efficient way. They have been doing this for many years and know exactly what to do.

6. Make an inventory of each box

There is nothing worse than arriving into a new home and not knowing which box has your kettle in it. After a hard days moving, the last thing that you want to do is rip open every box until you find the one thing that you’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt to pack a separate bag for things that you will need access to on the first night in your new home too!

7. Reward yourself

Now that you have moved into your new home you should give yourself a little treat to celebrate after all of your hard work. This could be a nice takeaway meal, or a bottle of wine to help calm yourself down after the big move.

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