6 Types of Promotional Bags Your Customers Will Love

Using promotional products in your marketing campaign is an affordable and effective way to build your brand and promote your business. However, as with any type of marketing campaign you launch, you need to consider your audience. The leads, prospects or customers you’ll be giving away your promotional products to should love what they’re receiving, and thus, their wants, needs, and preferences must be considered when determining which promo products to offer.

Fortunately, if you’ve decided to give away promotional bags, there’s something for every audience. Here are some of the most common promo bags and the audiences that will love them.

1. Beach Bags

Beach tote bags are ideal to give away in the summer. These trendy branded tote bags are particularly useful to give away if you’re targeting a younger audience. Beach bags are larger than traditional totes, are durable, and are water resistant, making them perfect for teens, young adults, and families to carry with them their towels, sunscreen, and more.

2. Backpacks

Backpacks can come in a variety of styles and at a variety of costs. You can choose from a drawstring backpack, a traditional backpack, a laptop bag, or even a picnic backpack. Traditional backpacks are great to give away to college and high school audiences. Kids will likely get great use of these promotional items and will wear them all across campus, sharing your brand with the rest of the school.

Drawstring backpacks are great not only for students, but also for outdoorsmen who need to conveniently carry their gear, commuters who need a bag to carry their lunches and other items, and even athletes who need a bag for their shoes and clothes. Laptop backpacks are great for students and young professionals alike, while picnic backpacks are a great promo product for employee appreciate days.

You can reach a wide variety of audiences with backpacks.

3. Coolers

Coolers, bottle and wine holders, lunch bags, and picnic coolers are all great options if you’re having a team building activity outdoors or an employee appreciation beach day or BBQ. It’s also a great gift to share with prospects and customers if your business sells anything that needs to stay cold, such as beer, wine, energy drinks, juice, or food of just about any kind.

4. Duffle and Gym Bags

If you’re an athletic brand selling sporting equipment, sports clothing, or anything else in this industry, then a duffle or gym bag might be the best type of bag to give away to your audience. It’s also a good option if you sell health foods. These types of bags are sure to resonate with your customers, who are quite likely to use them. This will enable you to share your logo and brand with other like-minded people at the gym, at yoga studios, and at other places where these customers hang out.

5. Briefcases and Messenger Bags

Briefcases and messenger bags are great promo items to give away to your employees as corporate gifts, but they’re also ideal if you’re giving away items at a big conference filled with likeminded professionals.

6. Shopping Bags

Shopping bags can be used by just about any brand. They’re a great option because more people today choose to use re-usable shopping bags to plastic bags. They’re also used in a variety of ways, not just for shopping. Your audience may use your logoed shopping bags at the mall or at the grocery store, but they might also bring it with them to work or even to the park, allowing you to share your brand with a greater number of people. Eco-friendly shopping bags are also particularly useful promo items if you have an environmental sustainability mission.

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