6 Shopping Guidelines for New Corner Guards

Protecting your walls with corner guards is an effective way of lowering your wall maintenance costs. With time, commercial and residential walls deteriorate and make your wall’s appearance unseemly. Damaged walls are also expensive to repair.

When properly installed, corner guards form a 90° angle that firmly reinforces the stability of your walls at points of potential weakness. The following guidelines are recommended when choosing the right corner guard for your premises.

1. The Type of Corner Guard

There are three main types of corner guards you can choose from. These are flexible, rigid, and metallic corner guards.

Flexible Corner Guards

Flexible corner guards are tough and pliable. They are usually produced using heavy-duty vinyl, which gives them a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Due to the tough material used, a flexible corner guard provides unparalleled protection to your walls. They are ideally suited for oddly-shaped walls and tight areas.

Besides, they come in different designs and colours and lend themselves highly convenient and practical for indoor application. The combination of flexibility and toughness makes this type of corner guards very popular in the market.

Rigid Corner Guards

Rigid corner guards are strong and firm. They are, in essence, built to last. They can be used on walls that have a soft surface. They are ideal impact absorbers. The commercial design of this corner guard is highly effective in displacing shock by absorbing its impact. This prevents wall damage and also protects the plaster or the underlying wood.

The result could be huge savings since the only thing you may need to replace is the affected corner guard. Besides featuring beautiful colours that add or complement your décor, a transparent rigid corner guard leaves your décor un-interfered with.

Metallic Corner Guards

Places with high foot traffic require extra protection. These places include transportation depots, garages, hospitals, commercial kitchens, etc. These areas have higher chances of experiencing frequent wall damage as accidents happen frequently.

The ideal corner guards for such places are those made of high gauge stainless steel and aluminum alloy. These heavy-duty corner guards reduce the severity of impacts while at the same time protecting the façade of your building.

2. The Purpose of Your Corner Guards

The purpose for which you seek to install a corner is an important consideration. Depending on the nature of your property and the volume of foot traffic, the corner guard you settle for should be able to absorb potential shocks on your wall. Ask yourself whether you want them for light or heavy-duty protection; or for purely decorative purposes.

3. Which Corner Guard Blends Well With Your Wall?

This is another important consideration. For instance, consider using a transparent corner guard on a  wooden wall since it will not interfere with your wall colour blend. The colour of your corner guard is an important consideration as well. Choose one that matches or contrasts seamlessly with your décor.

4. Installation

Whichever corner guard you settle for, it should be easy to install. While some corner guards are easy to install, others may require drilling walls, which could be hard work for some people. However, always prioritize durability over installation convenience.

5. The Cost

Depending on your budget, choose a corner guard that you can afford. Vinyl and rubber corner guards are fairly cheap compared to other types. They nonetheless provide fairly decent protection against impacts. However, if your budget allows, stainless steel and aluminum corner guards are more durable and effective

6. Durability

As alluded above, durability is a major consideration when purchasing a corner guard. Besides being able to absorb major impacts, durable corner guards protect your walls for a longer time.

As you select the ideal corner guard protection for your premises, it is important to appraise the above tips to make sure that the guards you settle for are the right fit for your premises

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