6 Red Flags Your Hearing Might Be Deteriorating

Many people take being able to hear for granted, until they can’t hear the little things anymore, like the TV or your son saying I love you, then they realize how important hearing is.

The biggest problem is many people don’t catch the signs that there hearing is going, until it gets really bad. The list below will give you a few of the top red flags that you need to schedule an appointment with your audiologist right away.

1. People Are Constantly Repeating Themselves

If you are constantly asking people what they just said, when everyone else in the room seems to be able to hear them just fine, then you might need to make an appointment with your audiologist to have your hearing tested. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that the people around them are mumbling, when in reality, it’s because their hearing is going instead.

2. You Find Yourself Avoiding Noisy Places

If you constantly find yourself avoiding places that are noisy, like diners, then it might be because you have a hard time having a conversation in a place where moderate noise is the backdrop. This is another clear sign that you need to be checked for hearing loss, as the ear is struggling to filter out the noise in the background, making it even harder for you to hear the conversation at hand. Don’t let not being able to hear what’s around you stop you from living your life, get help, before it’s too late.

3. The Volume is Just too Low

If you are tempted to trash your brand-new TV because the volume is too low, then you might need to get your ears checked first. If no one else in the house is having a problem hearing the TV or if you turn it up and family and friends start complaining that it’s way to loud, it might be time to make that appointment as soon as possible.

4. You Are Missing Phone Calls and Knocks at the Door

If you have friends and family that call or come by to visit and say you weren’t home, when you know good and well you were, then you could have a hear loss problem. Being unable to hear the knock at the door, the doorbell, or the phone ringing is a clear indication that something is wrong. Put yourself through a test, take a walk outside to admire nature and see what you hear. Is nature a lot quieter than she used to be? If she is, then you need to call your audiologist for help.

5. Phone Conversations have Become a Bother

If you find yourself avoiding talking on the phone, because it’s hard to understand what the person on the other end is talking about, then it’s time to get help. It is easier to talk to people when you can see their faces and follow the cues. On the phone, you can’t do that and if you have hearing problems, the words become garbled. If you find yourself hating to talk on the phone now, see your audiologist for a hearing test pronto.

6. Your Ears Are Ringing

One of the biggest signs of hearing loss is an aggravating ringing in your ears. If you hear a ringing or even a buzzing that no one around you seems to hear, it’s time to get help.

These are just a few of the signs that you need to see your audiologist to get a hearing test. Once you have determined what the extent of your hearing loss is, he can help you remedy the problem with the proper equipment.

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