6 Perks of Travelling to Thailand in a Tour Group

Have you ever toured Thailand in a group? You should if you have not.

Thailand is one of the most captivating countries in the world. It features jungles and forests that have for a long a time attracted adventure-seeking tourists and nature enthusiasts. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok. It is home to roughly 10% of the nation’s population. Another thing Thailand is famed for are temples, 35,000 of them!

Whether it is the animals, a large number of tourists visiting the country every year, the temples, or the exotic Thai massages, the nation is quite a draw for many people.

To maximize your Thai experience, it is highly recommended you tour as a group. Among the benefits of touring as a group include:

1. You Get Someone to Show You Around

Unlike travelling alone, most tour groups include a local guide who knows the area pretty well. Since it is near impossible to tour the whole country, a tour guide will take you to those must-visit places and provide you with all the information you need. They will advise you on the best places to stay at, dine and do whatever else you want while in Thailand. A competent guide will also answer any question you may have. They can speak a language you would understand. You will find it easy to get around and ask any question that comes to your mind.

2. A Detailed Itinerary

When travelling to Thailand as a group, someone else is in charge of your daily itinerary. You go to bed every night knowing exactly where you will visit the following day, the activities you will engage in, etc. The convenience of not having to decide where you want to go and instead leave it to a local person who knows the area pretty well leaves you with only one task; to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

3. Making New Friends

Most likely, the people you will be travelling with are just like you; they are seeking for adventure. They are also just as keen to meet and make new friends. This means that everyone is eager to connect with someone, which renders making friends on tour a very easy task. You can quickly establish whom among the tour group members you are likely to connect with. Who knows, you might even establish friendships that will last beyond the trip.

4. You Get to Visit the Best Destinations

The company organizing the Thailand tours has experience putting together tour groups just like the one you are in. They know the best places to visit, hotels that offer quality yet inexpensive accommodation and food, etc. If you are travelling to Thailand for the first time, having a reputable company that hires locals as guides will definitely make your tour experience a memorable one.

5. Enhanced Safety

When travelling alone, you are responsible for your own safety. However, when travelling in a group, there is a group leader to coordinate everyone’s safety and to give directions on what to do in case something goes wrong. Besides, other group members watch out for each other. This enhanced safety makes travelling in a group an exciting affair.

6. Group Discounts and Offers

In most cases when travelling as a group, you will attract discounts and offers from various establishments in Thailand. This is especially good if you are on a limited budget. You get to stay in hotels, visit places and eat at establishments you would not have otherwise afforded were you to travel solo.

Touring Thailand as a group has many other great benefits. Besides the fact that you will get huge group discounts, the opportunity to meet new people and establish friendships that could last beyond the tour is a huge attraction.

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