6 Easy Steps to Buy a Bottle of Red Wine

Asking for recommendations while you are shopping for wine can be the easiest way to choose a bottle of red wine. But what if you could select a bottle that you will love, everytime, without anyone’s help?

If you simply love red wine, but you don’t have a favourite, these tips will help you select your next bottle.

1. Think about what’s on the menu

Do you want to buy a bottle of red wine that will complement whatever you will be eating tonight? If pastas, pizza, or hamburgers are on the menu, you should consider a crisp and light-bodied red wine. If you are hungry for a spicy meat dish or for grilled meats, you should be thirsty for a medium-bodied and soft red wine.

Full-bodied, intense red wine goes well with rich meat dishes or spicy pastas. These tips should help orient your choice.

2. Pay attention to the colour of the wine

Yes, red wine is red. Or is it? Well, not always. Red wine can have a pale rose colour, a ruby colour, a faded brick colour, or a rich violet colour with blue hues.

Red wine with a darker colour will generally have a fuller body and a drier taste. A bottle of red wine with a faded brick colour has aged for a longer time than a bottle with a brighter colour. It’s up to you to choose a bottle that matches your tastes.

3. Learn more about red wine varietals and blends

The more red wine you drink, the more developed your taste for red wine will be. Eventually, you will be able to tell the taste and body differences between diverse varietals and blends.

Varietal refers to the grape variety used to produce the wine. A blended red wine combines two or more varietals, to achieve distinctive flavours. The more red wine you taste, and the more you learn about varietals and blends, the easier it will be to choose your next bottle of red wine.

4. Learn more about the regions where grapes grow

Different grape varieties are used to produce red wine. Some grapes grow better in some regions than in others, and being aware of this will help you choose a bottle of red wine based on what grows best in a particular region.

Red wines from regions with a warmer climate generally have a sweet, fruity flavour with low acidity. Red wines from regions with a cooler climate have a tart fruit flavour and higher acidity.

5. Consider red wine vintages

Do you like older wine, or newer wine? The vintage of a wine is the year the grapes were harvested to begin the winemaking process. If, for example, you had a chance to taste two bottles of red wine by the same winemaker, but with different vintages, you would notice more than a few differences in the flavour of these wines.

If you want to learn more about wine vintages, you will see that some are considered better than others.

6. Don’t settle for low quality wine

If you are ready to learn more about red wine just so you will be able to choose the perfect bottle for each occasion, you probably won’t settle for a cheap one. And you shouldn’t settle for a cheap bottle : there are many great bottles of red wine out there, and most of them are not that expensive. You can easily buy delicious red wine online without breaking the bank.

Indeed, you don’t have to break your budget either. Choose a high quality wine that offers the flavours, the intensity and the balance you like best.

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