6 Customer Service Tips To Enhance Your Real Estate Business

Customer service is one of the most vital parts of any business. When it concerns large investments like real estate, it’s essential to keep your clients feeling wanted. Here are six suggestions your team can use to enhance your customer service.

1. If Something Can Be Misunderstood, It Will Be

Clarity is essential when it comes to customer service, especially with big-ticket items such as real estate. Practicing your in-person sales skills will help you clarify the nuances of the real estate process. Practice speaking clearly, slowly and without jargon.

Sometimes things can get awkward between your customers, and you may want to be around the bush to tell them something. However, this only creates more chance for confusion and you likely won’t get your message across. Using clear, concise language will help you deliver difficult information without being rude. Always ask if there are any questions after you explain something.

2. Go To Where Your Customers Are

If you’re waiting for people to come to you, chances are your business isn’t going to grow very fast. It’s necessary to have an online presence, but just having a Twitter or LinkedIn account isn’t enough. You need to join groups, pages, and communities that your ideal customer actively participates in.

One way to go to your audience is to find out where they are in your community. Church events, community activities and fundraisers can be a great way to expand your network, provided your ideal customer is at these places. Using a real estate CRM will help you manage your events and stay in contact with your database.

3. Value The Interactions You Have With Your Clients And Potential Clients

Although you and your clients’ barely know each other, you’re going to become an important part of one of the biggest moments of their lives. Valuing each interaction that you have with your clients shows you respect their time and their choice of doing business with you. Learning about your client’s personal lives, their goals and ambitions will help you build connections that can eventually turn into a sale, which can potentially turn into a new referral.

4. Let Your Clients Do Most Of The Talking

Nothing is more annoying than the real estate agent that won’t shut up. In today’s society with the Internet, it’s doubtful your clients are going to come to you with nothing to say and no questions. With a purchase as large as real estate, it’s crucial to listen to your clients and identify their needs, concerns, and demands. If you want to get your clients to talk more, don’t interrupt while they’re speaking and ask follow up questions to prompt them to give more information.

5. Keep Up With Your Clients

Being friendly and approachable are excellent qualities for real estate agents. Even if a sale doesn’t go through, it’s still a good idea to keep up with your clients. You can use a real estate CRM to send out messages for birthdays and anniversaries. If a client makes a purchase from you, you can use your real estate CRM to congratulate them on the purchase anniversary. Ask how they’re enjoying the home and if there’s anything you can do to help.

6. Don’t Leave Your Clients In The Dark

Going ghost on your clients is one of the worst things you can do. Of course, you’re going to have those people who want updates multiple times a day, but aside from them, your clients should never have to reach out to you first. Give them regular updates, even if they aren’t “important.” Irregular communication destroys trust and causes your clients to become frustrated.

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