6 Business Areas You Should Focus On

Running a business is rarely black and white. Every day you’ll run into situations that require creativity, guts, and intellect to solve. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, you need to focus on tasks that are going to enhance your business. In this post, we look at six underrated nuances of business you need to focus on.

1. Find Which Tasks Pay Off The Most For You

As a business owner, there’s so much to do it’s easy to get bogged down with tasks that don’t matter. If you’re managing a small operation, it’s important to control your energy. The best way to do focus your energy is to figure out which tasks are going to bring your business the most money.

One good way to identify these tasks is by making a strengths and weaknesses list. If you’re spending 10 hours a week managing your website but it’s not something you enjoy or you’re good at, it makes sense to outsource the task. With those ten extra hours, you can focus on the tasks you identified as your strengths. Taking this approach at a macro level in your company will help you eliminate unnecessary tasks.

2. Outsource Your Weaknesses

We all know the issue with being a jack of all trades, so it doesn’t make sense to spend time improving your weaknesses. When you’re managing a team of people, you need to prioritize high-value activities. You’ll earn more money by focusing on the things you’re good at than trying to learn a new skill from scratch. Get freelancers, virtual assistants and whoever else you can to handle the areas of business you aren’t good at.

3. Keep Your Surroundings Organized

Keeping your work area organized is a necessity. The human brain is proven to function better with less visual stimuli around to break your concentration. Again, if you manage an office with multiple employees, it doesn’t make sense to spend your time cleaning. Outsource these tasks to professionals. Smart restaurant owners outsource restaurant cleaning so their staff can focus on food prep, food quality and other factors that are going to bring in more revenue.

4. Use Exclusivity In Your Marketing

Exclusivity is an underrated marketing tactic. It may seem counterintuitive to position your business as exclusive since you want as many clients as you can get. But being exclusive and setting deadlines are powerful ways to get people to act.

Anytime you want people to sign up to your email list or buy something; you have to get past their subconscious objections. Exclusivity is an excellent way to appeal to the ego and subconscious desire to be part of a group that all humans have.

5. Engage Your Audience Offline

With so much focus in our society on online marketing, people tend to forget that people still interact with companies offline. Even if you run an eCommerce store, there’s potential to connect with your audience offline. But to do this requires building trust. You need to use content marketing, social media, and organic traffic to give value and build enough trust where people want you to contact them via direct mail.

6. Don’t Neglect Lead Generation

Once we get that initial surge of business that enables us to keep going, we tend to ignore lead generation. Putting measures in place to generate new leads is an important part of success in any business. You don’t want to be relying on just one or two sources for leads. Explore using public speaking, guest posting, and referrals as ways to bring in new leads.

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