5 Ways to Reduce the Heating Bill

by HereIsTom

We are in the thick of the winter and the winter bills are sky high for most of us. It can be difficult to stay on top of how much your heating bill is when you are freezing your toes off. Hopefully these few tips can help you with reducing the cost of your heating while still keeping you toasty warm.

1) Replace weather stripping.

If you look at the word weather stripping and think, “We have to replace that?” than you probably aren’t alone. But keep in mind that weather stripping can get worn down over the years. So this is the year to replace it if you haven’t before. The windows and doors are prime chilly spots and that cold leaking in through these crevices can make your furnace, whether you are in New York or Oshawa, Canada, sky high.

2) Do house work.

Need some inspiration to sweep or vacuum? Moving around generates heat and raises your core body temp. Do stretches, free weights, and arm circles while your at it. It does your body good to get moving and also keeps the heat bill down.

3) Let the sunshine in.

When you can, let the sun in. Once that orange glow from the sky hits your home, make sure your window’s curtains are open and your home can absorb the warmth. Close them up once the sun goes down though otherwise you will get that chill again.

4) Cut back in other ways.

Your electric bill will thank you in all ways you manage to reduce your use. Turn off lights, unplug unused electronics and turn off the heat in rooms you don’t use often. These small ways can reduce your bill and will help you long term.

5) Use a space heater.

You can save a lot of money by using a space heater for your warming needs. Instead of turning on the central heating system, use your space heater instead. This will definitely save you money especially if you invest in an energy efficient one.

The winter always adds to your bottom line but with these few tips you can reduce costs without reducing the warm factor.


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