5 Tips to Consider When Calling Customer Service

photo by ukCWCS

Calling customer service usually means we are frustrated and maybe not at our best. However, it’s important to keep in mind that usually we are speaking to a real person on the other line (assuming you are not calling for the purpose of an automated system message) and they are sitting at in call centres waiting to answer your call. To make your experience a better one, keep these tips in mind when contacting customer service.

1) Try to research it yourself before you call.

Research can go a long way. If you feel like you missed a package, ask neighbors, apartment complex office, and your mailbox before you call to complain to the company. Do a little digging as well. Googling can go a long way and you are likely to run into your problem (or at least a similar one) online.

2) Get all of your information ready.

Get all the information related to your issue ready. Write down your order number, account number, address information and anything else related to your account all ready for the person on the other line. Remember they use this information to look up your account and so the handier it is, the quicker your issue will be to resolve.

3) Be respectful.

Whatever the reason you are calling, it’s likely an annoying one. But no matter what’s going on, treat the other person with respect. It can go a long way with problem solving and the customer service rep is likely to want to help you more if you approach them in the way you would like to be treated.

4) Try chat first.

Chat is the best way to get emotion out of the customer service call. Most companies have this feature available and the best thing is you can internet surf while you wait, if you are on hold at all.

5) Call when you are most comfortable.

Try not to call when you are at work but rather call when you are comfortable at home, you are warm and fed, and you don’t have a pressing need to get to that day. Set up the call for success and try to call when you are alone as well. Often times family members or friends can fuel the fire of frustration.

Keep this tips in mind next time you call customer support and you are most likely to walk away with a successful outcome.

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