5 Tips to Choose the Right Cattle Feeder

Choosing the right cattle feed front depends on what you want to achieve. Considerations include the size of your herd, your budget and the size of the animal. To choose the right cattle feeder, you need to have a thorough understanding of the composition of your herd. Below are some tips on how to choose the appropriate cattle feeder.

1. Choose One Designed to Reduce Feed Wastage

If your main goal is to reduce feed wastage, you might want to consider an angled feed front. To get its head out of an angled feed front, the cow’s head has to turn sideways. This makes it almost impossible for it to pull feed into the pen through the openings. Since the uprights are clamped, one can easily adjust the neck openings to the exact required size.

2. Choose an Adjustable Cattle Feeder

Choosing an adjustable cattle feeder such as the Adjustable Rail Bracket is highly cost-effective. You can adjust the feeder to meet the needs and requirements of your cows. The feeder utilizes an open concept for your cows and can be removed later and adjusted into a self-locking feed front installed on the current posts.

3. Self-Locking Feed Fronts

If you are looking for a self-locking feed front, the Calf Open Top Self-locking feed fronts are highly recommended. They are galvanized, quiet and easy to operate and are available in the 10’ size range. They feature panic release buttons on every headlock.

The individual panic release buttons ensure the safety and health of your cows and calves at all times. They are very convenient if you need to lock down all your calves together or individually with a view to identifying and treating them at a single location.

4. Healthy and Safety Considerations

If you are looking for a heavy-duty cattle feeder that combines quietness and superior cow safety and health, the Open Top Self Locking Feed Front is a great choice. Besides saving time, they also enhance animal comfort. It features an individual or a group lock and release function that is both easy and quick to operate.

This cattle feeder comes in 8’, 10’ or 12’ sizes. It has a counterweight system that makes sure empty swingers remain open. Besides, the open top self-locking feed front is durable, strong and features a galvanized metal that is hot-dipped to last a very long time. Its dual action swinger makes it a safe cattle feeder, which you can also customize to accommodate your unique circumstances.

5. Cow Size and Height

The appropriate feed front also depends on the size and height of a cow or a calf. When shopping for a feed front, you need to specify whether you want an adjustable or a non-adjustable one with a wider or narrower space. For instance, the height of a cow and a calf are different. A cow will obviously require a wider space than a calf. On the other hand, a calf feed front has more openings per length since a calf is obviously smaller than a cow. The neck opening sizes for a cow are also wider in comparison to those for calves.

The right cattle feed front depends on the size and height of the animal. Besides being shorter than cows, calves have a narrower neck. These are important considerations when choosing a cattle feeder for your cows. Other considerations include whether you want a self-locking, adjustable, or a wide space feed front to allow for the different animal sizes.

Each of these types of feed fronts has their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when shopping for a feed front, make sure you understand your requirements and only settle for one that can serve most, if not all of your cattle feeding needs.

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