5 Tips on SEO for Beginners

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of figuring out SEO? While it can feel like a lot to learn at first, there are a few basic tips to keep in mind that will help you get your feet wet in understanding SEO. If you are in the Ontario area, reach out to a local SEO company near Toronto for help.

1) Research keywords.

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Your first step needs to be figuring out the right keywords for you and your website. What are you offering to visitors? What content are you providing? What do you have to offer? Get a list of keywords relevant to your content and search for these words on Google. Take a look at any alternatives that Google provides when you begin to search.

2) Optimize your page title.

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For each page on your website, make sure that the page title accurately depicts its purpose, is descriptive to visitors and the visitor can easily identify this purpose. Keep in mind those keywords you found when building out content for this webpage.

3) Optimize images.

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For your website, as you place images, make sure you use the alt tag within your images to place relevant keywords. This alt tag describes what the images are. Also, use an image file name that is relevant to the content on the image. For example, home-office.jpg.

4) Get relevant link backs to your website.

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One excellent way of building your website’s search engine ranking through SEO is getting link backs to your website from relevant web pages. Don’t overdo it, of course, but getting a credible link back does help your ranking in the long run.

5) Watch out for page speed.

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When was the last time you were willing to wait for a slow website? Keep page speed in mind when building your website. Don’t overdo image sizes and remove unnecessary added plugins or flash content. Visit this link here if you want to test your website’s page speed.

These tips are just the beginning but it can help you get started with search engine optimization. Remember, contact an expert, if you need an SEO company in the Toronto area.

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