5 Tips for Being More Organized at Work

by suzyhazelwood

Being organized can help clear your mind and keep your life in order. Not to mention being surrounded by clutter can lead you to losing important items and missing information. So here’s a few tips for being more organized at work.

1) Clean out your email inbox.

You would be surprised how relieving it is to see your email inbox cleared out. File away emails you need to keep as reference and delete the emails you no longer need. Use your inbox as a to do list and only leave pending projects in your inbox.

2) Toss out the items you don’t need any longer.

We all have a few swag items that are not needed, calendars from years prior, and files that are from a bygone client era. Get rid of these things and shred or toss what you don’t need. Don’t keep an item for sentiminental purposes when all you are keeping is an old mousepad or company newsletter. Unless you need it or look at it, get rid of it.

3) Find your favorite way to store your “to dos.”

Whether it’s a notebook or your outlook tasks, figure out what works best for you. Whether you are reminding yourself to send something out through a courier service or calling a client back, settle into the best outlet for your reminders. For some, it’s a whiteboard, for others it’s a pop up reminder. Keep trying to find yours until you can’t help but never forget.

4) Clean up at the end of each day.

Store some clorox wipes in your desk and at the end of your day, rid yourself of the clutter around your desk, and wipe things down. Rinse off dishes and put away what you won’t need anymore the next day. Schedule a time each day if you need it. It will leave you feeling fresh the next day and clear headed.

5) Keep post-it notes handy.

Whatever your method to remind yourself, you must add post it notes to the list. Tack on these post it notes to the project your are working on each time you need to remind yourself of something. Make sure to get rid of them as soon as you don’t need them, though, so they don’t accumulate.

What do you use to keep yourself organized at work? Share your tips below.

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