5 Tips for a More Secure Home



by It’s Great To Be Home Again 🙂

Whether you just moved in or you’ve lived there for years, you want to feel safe where you lie your head at night. There are a lot of ways to make sure you are safe after you lock your door and we have several tips for you that will help you secure your home.

1) Install interior hinges and deadbolt locks.

A more secure lock, such as a deadbolt lock, can provide extra protection in your home. It can also make it more difficult to break into your home. Also if there are door hinges on the outside of your home, than it makes it easier for a burglar to break in by using a hinge pin. You may need to contact a locksmith, especially if you are installing a deadbolt lock.

2) Prune trees and bushes around your home.

One way that makes your home a more attractive place to break in is if you have large bushes or huge trees (especially covering up second floor windows). Make sure to trim branches that can give access to a second floor. And make sure that there aren’t any large bushes that make it easy for a burglar to hide.

3) Hide expensive items from front windows and the front yard.

Use your garage to store expensive grills, bikes, and cars. And make sure you have curtains on your front windows that block any expensive items you have in your front room. If you are keeping things in plain site, it gives a burglar an idea that you could have more to steal.

4) Don’t leave a spare key outside.

The worst thing you can do with a spare key is to leave it outside under a rock or inside a flower pot. The best way to secure your spare key is to give it to a trusted friend or neighbor to hold onto.

5) Careful with social media.

One thing many people tend to forget is to announce on social media their whereabouts and when they are leaving their home. Burglars do use this information to figure out the best time to go to your home and when you’ll be gone. Make sure everyone in the family knows this as well. Post your vacation photos when you get back.

These simply scratch the purpose but are important tips to consider when wanting to secure your home.

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