5 Surprising Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Do you think you know everything about laser hair removal? Well, not quite. There have been long-running misconceptions about laser hair removal, which this article seeks to debunk. Among these is that laser hair removal, although highly effective, is also expensive as well.

So, let’s debunk these misconceptions one by one.

1. It’s Affordable

In the 1990s when laser hair removal was just starting out, it was extremely expensive to get the treatment. Treating just a small section cost enormous amounts of money. Let us just say that only the super-rich could afford a laser hair removal. However, with its widespread use, the cost of getting a laser hair removal has drastically come down. Depending on the cosmetic dermatology centre you visit, it is now highly affordable to seek laser hair removal. The size of the area to be treated also determines how much you end up paying. For instance, treating your underarms will definitely cost less than having both legs treated.

2. It’s Less Painful than Waxing

No matter how experienced your waxer is, waxing simply hurts. Add to this ordeal the fact that you have to pay for it and you have the telltales of a horror movie. Ok… maybe that is extreme; but the point is, having laser hair removal is only about 50% less painful. The process involves a laser treatment machine that uses light wavelengths to remove the unwanted hair follicles. What feels like tiny pins pricking your skin is the only discomfort you will fee. If you are super sensitive, you could ask for the machine’s strength to be set at mild or medium to reduce the intensity of the pricking sensation.

3. It Takes Just about Ten Minutes

You do not have to worry about being under the laser for hours. It only takes a few minutes to get those hair follicles zapped. However, the time taken depends on the size of the area under treatment. For permanent results, you will need a couple of extra visits. Each visit will see the laser treatment kill about ten percent of your hair follicles on the area under treatment.

4. Laser Treatment Centres Are Easy to Find

A few years back, finding an affordable centre that used laser hair removal was a very difficult task. Today, a quick google search will reveal several of them within your locality. Once you find one that you can afford, simply book your first appointment and you will be on your way to getting all unwanted hair off your body.

5. Effectiveness Varies from One Person to Another

Laser hair removal technicians would tell you that laser hair-removal treatment has different levels of effectiveness for different skin textures. However, appropriate laser hair treatment can detect the existence of hair follicles on various skin textures such as light and dark skins. Although laser hair treatments are more effective on hair that contrasts markedly with the skin colour, modern lasers have the capacity to work effectively on both dark and blonde hair. It may hurt a little more since the treatment will take a bit longer, but the results are remarkable.

Now that we have debunked some of the laser hair-removal misconceptions, you should not hesitate to visit a laser hair-removal treatment centre. The costs for seeking this treatment have come down dramatically since the 1990s. The fact that anyone can seek this treatment irrespective of their skin and hair colour makes it ideally suited for dark and light-skinned people. At the end of the day, it is cheaper in the long run to seek laser hair removal than having to endure frequent wax sessions.

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