5 Surprising Benefits of Learning Ballet

You are looking for an activity that will allow you to learn something new and challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. If this sounds familiar, participating in ballet classes is definitely the solution for you. An artistic dance that has been around for centuries, ballet consists of precise steps and movements performed to classical music in a graceful manner.

Below are some of the surprising benefits from learning ballet:

1. Promotes brain functioning

Ballet, unlike other physical exercises such as yoga, does not only boost your physical fitness but also involves you in a series of activities that help to exercise your brain. Almost all parts of your brain play a significant role in coordinating your body movements.

For instance, the left part of your brain is responsible for the mathematical concepts involved. The upper front part plays a role in comprehending spatial relationships and the lower portion for mastering the steps. Finally, the right part of the brain interprets the emotions contained in music and expresses them in an artistic manner. All these brain exercises help to enhance your sensorimotor skills by engaging your brain in coordinated learning.

2. Sculpts & tones your physique

Ballet is a complete exercise simply because it involves all your body parts. It offers a good combination of flexibility and endurance training. Most actions taught in ballet classes including ballet jumps and squats are all geared towards achieving a toned body.

By participating in ballet classes, you get to lose a lot of body weight if you do your exercises right. For example, an average person weighing 140 pounds can burn roughly 600 calories per session. With continued training, you can build strong, lean muscles.

3. Enhances artistic expression

Despite ballet being an excellent physical exercise, it is also a fascinating art form. Ballet is rich in history involving centuries of traditions and cultures. It has been preserved through the passing of knowledge and people like you that want to learn how to do it. Appreciating these ballet traditions can help to spark an interest and keep you going as you embark in your goal of being a ballet dancer.

When you participate in ballet classes, you will be taught to use your body movement as an alternative to verbal expression. You do not need to struggle to find the right words. You just need to relax and tell your story using your body language.

4. Reduces mental tension

Performing ballet movements help to relax your mind by shifting your concentration from usual life problems to focusing on memorizing your steps and proper coordination. The intense ballet exercises you participate in facilitate the production of endorphins which facilitate happiness and help to enhance your moods.

Research also shows that classical music helps to create a calming effect on the brain. Therefore, it is effective in relieving stress. It allows you to explore your inner thoughts and forces you to face the feelings you may be avoiding.

5. Better posture

Ballet thrives on four physical aspects: endurance, body composition, body flexibility, and muscular strength. All these aid in postural alignment and is therefore a suitable option to correct your bad posture habits.

The structured nature of ballet also helps one to be aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses and instills strong self-discipline. Movements provide you with the opportunity to train and learn to maintain a neutral stance with a vertical spine and square hips. Ballet forms help to align your posture and to be self-aware in your day to day activities to avoid undesirable postures.

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