5 Shopping Tips to Buy Medical Scrubs

You see them everywhere in hospitals—medical scrubs worn by physicians, surgeons, nurses and other workers in medical institutions. Their simple design means they have little or no room for contaminants to hide. They are also easy to launder and can be cheaply replaced if they are damaged or stained beyond repair.
When shopping online for medical scrubs, you don’t have the luxury of trying them out. However, you can still get yourself a great pair of medical scrubs by following these tips.

1. Go for Comfort

Ideally, medical scrubs are more comfortable than the traditional formal business attire. However, some are more comfortable than others. Since you don’t have the time, or the luxury, of visiting an actual scrubs store, your best chance of getting a great pair of medical scrubs is by browsing reviews and ratings left online by customers. Read carefully what they are saying about the scrubs. Do they find the fabric flexible and soft? You want to be as comfortable as possible in a scrub, and positive reviews from past clients will definitely guide you to the right online store.

2. Look for Scrubs That Can Breathe

As a medical practitioner, you will be running around all day long, moving from one patient to another. It can get hectic as you move from one engagement to another. It is important that the fabric of your scrub is breathable enough to keep you fresh and comfortable all day long. Again, the best place to find out which scrubs are the most suitable is online. Check out customer reviews for recommendations. The manufacturer’s description is also a good indicator of the scrub you are planning to buy.

3. Ensure They Have Plenty of Pockets

Most scrubs have many pockets on both bottoms and tops. You want enough pockets to carry pens, phone, snacks, keys, etc. The medical scrub you are planning to buy should have enough pockets to fit all your special stuff.

4. Pick Your Style

Unlike in the past when scrubs used to be drab and boring, today they come in many colours and styles. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to medical scrubs. If you will be wearing them daily, you may want to have them in different colours and styles to avoid the monotony of looking the same every day.

5. Scrubs for the Anatomy Lab

If you work in an anatomy lab, the last thing you should be concerned with is your scrubs. The smell they pick up over time is another matter altogether. Get yourself a pair of inexpensive scrubs you can afford to throw away after one year; otherwise, you will not be able to get the smell out of them after frequent visits to the anatomy lab.

A great scrub is soft, comfortable and flexible enough to accommodate your frequent movements in a medical institution. It should also be functional enough to help you carry personal items such as pens, phone, and perhaps even a snack or two. Having enough pockets is, therefore, a good thing.

Although they are not the ideal clothing for making a fashion statement, you can spice up your taste with stylish scrubs featuring different colours to break the monotony of wearing the same colour daily. However, if you happen to work in the anatomy lab, be prepared to replace your scrubs every year, unless you can stand the overpowering smell.

Since you can’t try them on when ordering online, going through positive reviews and comments from other clients can give you a good idea of their quality in terms of comfort, softness and flexibility.

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