5 SculpSure Treatment Tips After the Procedure

SculpSure is a non-invasive fat removal treatment that uses lasers to target fat deposits in the body and kill them using heat. The treatment is virtually painless, as it combines heating periods with short cooling periods which maintains patient comfort while still effectively killing the fat cells.

In addition, SculpSure does not require any downtime, unlike invasive fat removal surgeries like liposuction which can require weeks of post-op rest. SculpSure works best, however, when patients take an active role in promoting and maintaining their fat loss.

Here are five SculpSure treatment tips after you completed the procedure:

1. Drink water

Drinking water is an extremely important part of post-Sculpsure management. For maximum results, patients need to do what they can to help their body flush out the fat cells that were killed during the treatment. Water helps the body to flush out those dead fat skills more easily. After the treatment, patients should be drinking at least six glasses of water per day to optimize their fat removal, however eight glasses is ideal.

Water is an important part of any weight management plan, especially for those who are working to achieve fat and weight loss goals. Even people who have not had a SculpSure treatment should ideally be drinking six to eight glasses of water daily.

2. Massage

Massaging the treatment area is another way to promote the flushing out and movement of fat cells post treatment. Patients who are undergoing SculpSure treatments should massage the treatment area or areas twice a day for up to 10 minutes every day between treatments. After the final treatment, patients should continue these massages for at least 2 weeks.

Many people do not take this step of post-treatment seriously, however it does actually promote fat loss. The reasoning behind it is that it helps the dead fat cells to break down and it promotes lymphatic drainage which is the process the fat cells take to exit the body.

3. Exercise regularly

A huge benefit of SculpSure is that there is no downtime afterward, unlike invasive fat-reduction surgeries. In fact, people who partake in regular exercise post-treatment are far more likely to see the desired results. As a general guideline, patients should exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes per day, to keep the fat cells moving post-treatment.

Regular physical activity is a crucial factor in weight loss and maintenance, however several factors can cause a plateau effect, which prevents people from seeing the fat-loss results they desire. This plateau can be caused by hormones, a non-varied exercise plan, or eating habits that do not compliment the exercise program.

4. Eat healthy

Healthy eating is another way patients can ensure that they are getting the best results from their SculpSure treatment or treatments. Just as with proper exercise, SculpSure treatments are most effective when patients implement a healthy, balanced diet, which will not promote the creation of fat in their bodies.

Diet accounts for a significant portion of weight loss. While most people think the focus should be on exercise, diet can actually make or break a weight loss goal.

5. Tighten the skin

This tip does not necessarily assist with the reduction of fat, however it will smooth out the final look. Using a tightening cream or gel on a regular basis after a SculpSure treatment will help the skin to firm up to avoid loose or saggy skin once the fat has been removed.

Skin is elastic, and will generally tighten back up on its own for small amounts of fat loss, however when a large amount of weight is lost, or when weight is lost very quickly the skin may not be able to keep up.

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