5 Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioners

Maintaining your air conditioner is one of those routine household maintenance chores that actually pay off. A clean AC unit gives you the best chance to stay cool in the summer. If your air conditioner is regularly maintained, then you can avoid emergency breakdowns and save money on your energy bills.

There are certain maintenance tasks an average homeowner can do. Some of them need to be performed by someone with a license and training to ensure the maintenance is done right. If you are not confident in performing the tasks yourself, it is a good idea to call for a professional’s help. On the other hand, if you feel you can do it, here are some tips for properly maintaining your air conditioner.

1. Disconnect Before Maintenance

Before you work on your air conditioner, you have to make sure its power is turned off. Do this by disconnecting your unit at your main breaker panel. Check if your AC’s condensing unit shows signs of overheating and also to check that the electrical connections are tight. If you don’t feel comfortable working on electrical wires, it’s a good idea to simply call an expert to do this for you.

2. The Filter

Replacing your AC’s air filter or cleaning its reusable filter is one of the most important maintenance chores. Cleaning or replacing air filters must be done each month, especially during high-use seasons, and also once in spring and fall. Cleaning or replacing the air filter will help remove the dirt, dust, and allergen particles that might trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in your family.

3. Check Condenser Fan

You should next check the condenser unit fan. Turn your air conditioner off before you check and see if the condenser unit fan remains in good condition. If you find cracks and chips in the fan blades, it is best to replace it to keep it working well. For older AC units, you might also need to regularly oil the fan motor bearings.

4. Check The Thermostat

If you want to be sure you stay cool during the summer, examining the thermostat is one of those important maintenance tasks for you to do. Check if it is working properly and that it keeps your room cool with the right temperature. For an older type of thermostat, you might want to upgrade it with a model you can re-program.

5. Temperature/Alarm

Check the temperature and alarms. Make sure the unit is running while also checking the temperature of the enclosure. If you notice there’s a difference to the set points in over 2 degrees, it probably has a fault in need of repair. In terms of the alarms, make sure it works as it helps you know if the enclosure temperature is correct.

As mentioned before, you might want to ask for the help of a professional AC maintenance provider. If there are parts needing to be replaced or if you have to work with wires, it would be safer to get a local HVAC company to take care of your AC repair needs. If you want, you can also hire them to provide regular maintenance so you don’t have to bother cleaning your  air conditioner on your own.

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