5 Cool Brand Building Ideas with Cardboard Boxes

There are many ways to market a brand, but one very cheap and effective way is with cardboard boxes. Most people think cardboard boxes are only useful to mail stuff in or to store household items, books, and a whole host of other uses. What people tend to overlook are the many ways in which one can use cardboard boxes to market their brand.

Simply put: Cardboard boxes stand out.

You can make them even more noticeable if you do your homework and learn how to do just that. Whether you are mailing, moving stuff or storing items in a cardboard box, brands can use them.

Here are five tips for using cardboard boxes for your brand:

1. Add Inserts to Your Boxes

Once your cardboard box is packed and taped, one of the ways to get it noticed is to add inserts. This may be your business card, banner, or your logo. Or if you want to have a bigger impact, add a nice postcard that depicts your brand or business. Paste the business card/postcard on all sides of the cardboard box. Make sure your business card or logo is big enough so that the details are visible to anyone passing by.

2. Show Off Your Human Side

One recent trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of handwritten notes on the box or the business card. Fancy and exotic writing in large letters usually attracts more attention than a printed label. Hence, if you have the necessary skills, handwrite your business information and brand name on the cardboard box. Make sure you use the right ink and color. This is a unique and catchy way to attract attention to your brand.

3. Why Not Use Customized Stamps?

You can easily get a professional printer to make you a customized stamp which represents your brand, logo or service. Unfortunately, these printed stamps can be quite costly. But there is a way around it. Many local post offices these days print such stamps. For example, when Amazon ships boxes, it seals them with a tape which can contain the name and logo of your brand.

4. Select the Right Colour is Paramount

There is no doubt that colors can make a big difference if the success or failure of a campaign. Colors attract your audience. Therefore, depending on your brand, you should select a color that reflects you and your business. If you want, you can have an adhesive tape of a distinct color with your logo or product label. The point is that you can completely change the look and feel of a cardboard box by simply playing around with the color scheme. Obviously, you should ensure that the colors you use are in line with your original branding.

5. Packaging with Very Little Effort

Packaging is another important element if you want to use cardboard boxes to make people notice your brand. With very little effort, you can make the inside packaging the real deal. People get impressed when the items are packed neatly and organized.

Some of the packing materials that you should consider include a hiking map, wallpaper, wool or colored bubble wrap etched with your logo. Do not just stuff your item or product into the box but arrange so that it is safe and well protected.

And, of course, your box will have your brand name and logo on it so that your customers know exactly who has taken so much effort to provide the right product.

In short, there are many ways to boost your brand with a cardboard box, and all of this can be achieved with very little effort. The trick is to try and keep things simple. It might be tempting to add thrill and frills to your cardboard box, but too much razzmatazz can ruin it. Therefore, don’t overdo your efforts with unnecessary ribbons and frilly paper. Keep it nice and simple, and people will notice your brand.

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