5 Best Practices for Booking a Vacation Condo

If it has been at least a decade since you last went away, then it’s about time you went on vacation.

The way people travel has drastically changed since the last time you ventured to Europe or South America. People are taking advantage of services like Airbnb, using text to book rooms, or perusing the online world to ensure they have selected the right vacation condo rental.

Unsure how you can book the right accommodations?

Here are five tips for booking a vacation condo rental:

1. Always Read the Fine Print Carefully

Many of us refuse to read the fine print in important documents, even if those pages relate to something really expensive. We just have a trusting nature, or perhaps we’re too lazy.

Whatever the case, when you’re booking a vacation condo rental, it is imperative to carefully peruse the fine print. Not only should you reading the entire contract carefully, you must check the fine print to see if there are any hidden charges, additional fees (see below), or a myriad of other costs that you may be hit with when you exit the premise.

Always read the fine print and save yourself grief and dough in the end.

2. Request Detailed List of Additional Fees

Do you know the easiest way of knowing what fees you may or may not pay? Ask for a list.

That’s right. The property owner or corporation can create a full list of fees you will pay, charges that you might pay, and a whole host of fees that come with the rental in the event of something special.

By requesting a comprehensive, you won’t lose sleep at night worrying about the money.

3. Don’t Rely on Fancy Words, Use Mapping Services

When you’re searching for a vacation condo rental in Pompano Beach, Florida or Cannes, France, you will inevitably come across fancy but vague descriptions of nearby amenities.

For instance, the listing might say: “Beautiful vacation condo rental just steps from the train station.” In reality, the rental is about 15 minutes from the nearest train station.

Ultimately, when location is imperative to you, your best option is to rely on mapping services.

By typing in the address of the unit, you can learn about everything that is nearby. You won’t need to depend on the word of someone who is renting the unit to make a quick buck.

4. Contact by Phone, Not by Email or Text

For some reason, we have contracted a disease to the telephone. We try our utmost best to avoid talking to someone on the phone, even if it would be a lot easier and simple to do that.

What do we do instead? We contact everyone by email or text, which is unwise in many situations.

So, if you’re in the market for a vacation condo rental, you should avoid performing the entire transaction through text message. You’d be better off talking to the owner on the phone.

5. Be Sure to Book Way in Advance

You plan to travel next spring to Venice, huh? Well, congratulations and we wish you the best of luck in your journey to one of the loveliest places on the planet.

Here is a piece of advice: don’t act like a tourist. Here is another piece of advice: book in advance.

A lot of people make the mistake of booking a vacation condo rental weeks prior to their visit. To attain the best pricing, the best availability, and perhaps the best unit, then you should book at least three months in advance.

One other thing: if you’re booking a rental in a tourist hotspot, then booking months in advance is a necessity, not an option.

Let’s be honest: most of us need a vacation – new parents, people who have slaved away at the same job for 15 years, and those who have been stressed out for years. By having a vacation, you can allow the stress to melt away and you can finally become yourself again.

Considering how important this vacation is to you, you should never let your accommodations get you down. If you book at least three months in advance, read through the fine print, and know how much you’re spending, then your accommodations can be the least of your problems.

Do you want a lemon or a lime with your Corona? Now that’s a problem worth having!

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