5 Best Parts About the Teaching Profession

If you are about to graduate high school, you are probably starting to think long and hard about a career. While there are many to choose from that will offer variety and stability, there is no other job quite like teaching. Below are reasons to consider a career as a teacher and the benefits of doing so.

1. You get to make a difference

Being a teacher gives you the opportunity to work with curious young minds and make a significant difference in their lives. Your students look up to you as their role model and are eager to learn new things through your guidance. As a teacher, you will foster creativity, help develop character, and nurture your student’s skills in many aspects of their lives.

Changes are more visible in teaching than in most professions. Moreover, teaching is more than just impacting the life of a single student. You prepare students to seek different careers in the future. In doing so, you are helping to shape an entire generation.

2. Reasonable schedule

Most people find the job schedule for teachers quite favourable. As a teacher, you work from early morning to mid-afternoon. Although you may be required to coach teams or activities or have preparation time on occasion, you are engaged with students for only six hours a day. This leaves you with more free time when compared to other people with 8 to 12-hour job schedules.

As a teacher, you also benefit from summer vacation, winter and spring breaks, and nights and weekends off. Teachers may have a lot to prepare during the holidays for when classes resume, but overall the job offers a better work-life balance than any other profession. You get more time to spend with family, travel, and pursue your interests.

3. Greater rewards

While the teaching profession is considered more rewarding than profitable, you will earn a decent wage. Depending on where you work and the teacher training you receive, you may receive periodic increases and bonuses which help to grow your income and allow you to live comfortably.

In addition to a decent salary, teachers also receive other benefits such as excellent health care and pension plan. Such benefits are not universal in all professions. You are also permitted to take paid sick days when you are not well enough to be in class.

4. High demand

There is always a strong demand for teachers which means you will readily secure employment after completing your studies. Growth in population and increased rate of retirement calls for more fresh teachers.

While the demand for teachers in Canada may not be as high, The United States Department of Education (DOE) reports a shortage of teachers, especially those who have specialized in math, physics, and foreign languages. This provides job security for teachers with such credentials. In many other countries, English-speaking teachers are in high-demand. Even if you are not able to get hired as full-time teacher in Canada right away, you can substitute teach and also travel abroad.

5. Teaching is fun

Teaching is more than just a job. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy every moment you spend with your students. As a high school teacher, you will enjoy teaching in your field of interest. No matter what grade you teach, from silly jokes to funny answers to questions, a typical teaching day will be filled with lots of laughter and never dull.

When it comes to teaching, no two days are the same. You might be teaching similar material multiple times in different classes, but you will be assured of unique experiences. A teaching career features variety to ensure that you are never bored.

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