4 Tricks to Avoid Long-Term Parking Stress

Some people like to drive to the airport (or somewhere close to it) and park their car and then fly off. This could be for a few days or even several weeks. Unless you take the necessary steps to make sure everything is alright with the car, this could be another thing to worry about when you get back.

Your trip may be ruined if you are the worrying kind. Sometimes, your fears do come true. You get back and notice a problem. Let’s take a look at what you need to know when parking long-term at the airport before you fly off.

1. Pick The Right Option

Try to pick an option that is right for you. Just because someone else did something, this does not necessarily make it the right option for you. Look at your situation, every aspect of it. For example, your financial situation could determine what you pick. The type of car you have may also sway your decision. The parking facilities must also meet with your approval. If so, then you can book early and possibly get a good deal.

If you have a tight budget, you may not want to park closer to the airport. On the other hand, if you have family and loads of luggage, you may require a service to help with this. This may force you to go right to the terminal. Weigh options realistically to help make your decision.

2. Use An Old Mobile Phone

You could place an old smartphone in your car and hide it well. Of course, you will need to make sure to arrange it so that it does not run out of power. Open up the GPS or a real-time GPS tracker. This way, you can kind of ‘keep an eye’ on your car. If it were to be stolen from its parking spot, when you get back, you may have enough information to do something about it.

For this to work, you will need it plugged to the power permanently. It also has to have a data network connection. In the event this were to happen, you can know the location of the car and you can share the information with the police.

3. Portable Power Pack

You could get yourself a portable power pack and keep this hidden in your car. They are not very expensive. You can have a battery booster and air compressor in the pack. It can also have a pivoting work light in case it’s dark. It’s possible that two problems you may encounter during an extended parking period would be flat tires and a dead battery.

Before you leave, charge the pack so it is ready to go if you need it. If you do, then you can take care of problems quickly and head for home.

4. Airport Parking Company

You can use an airport parking company and take advantage of whichever services they offer that appeal to you. Your car is protected within a confined compound. You could have help with your luggage and have other rewards offered.

There are so many tricks and tips you could try with long-term parking. There are things you can do, or, you could use services to help keep your car safe.

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