4 Secret Tricks to Wear Mascot Costumes More Comfortably

Being a mascot can be a fun job. You are surrounded by children and adults alike who are having a good time and this makes it an enjoyable experience.

While some people will put a mascot costume on, perform their duties, and think nothing of it, the truth is there are precautions you need to take while performing. These will keep you safe as well as others in the area. Below are 4 things to remember when wearing a mascot costume and being conscious of them will increase your chances of avoiding injury.

1. Keep cool

Whether the area where you will be performing as a mascot is hot or cool, it will be be noticeably warmer in the costume that you are wearing. Therefore, it is important that you find ways to keep cool. Failure to do so can result in heat exhaustion that can lead to heat stroke.

When performing, take plenty of breaks, preferable once per hour and more if it is especially hot. Drink lots of water on these breaks. Consider a costume that has lots of openings for ventilation and if it does not, make sure an exhaust fan is installed into it that can provide you with some cool air. Refrain from wearing heavy clothing and instead choose shorts and t-shirts or newer fabrics that prevent sweat. Cooling vests that keep the skin cool and dry can also be considered.

2. Have a handler

You enjoy your job as mascot, entertaining attendees at a wide variety of events. While most occur without any issues at all, the reality is things can go wrong fast and you may not be able to avoid unfavourable situations without some help.

Having a handler to accompany you while you perform your mascot duties is a must. This handler can be a person who can guide you around the premises which is especially important if large crowds, water, or fire is present. He/she can also identify pre-arranged hand signals from you so he/she knows what you need. In case of an emergency, the handler can ensure you are able to get to safety or assist you in times of distress.

3. Be comfortable

As a mascot you may be required to be on your feet for large portions of the day and do tricks and routines that can be difficult. As a result, you owe it to yourself to ensure you enjoy the greatest degree of comfort while wearing your mascot costume.

As mentioned, when performing as a mascot, wear lighter clothing as opposed to garments that will get heavy when you sweat. That way you will be cool, dry, and able to move comfortably within the costume. Before commencing your role, try on the costume. This will give you an idea of whether it is too heavy to wear, you can move in it, and if you have a good line of sight. If you have negative results regarding any of these, you should not be wearing the costume.

4. Have a clean costume

When you wear a mascot costume you want it to be clean dry. However, because the people that wear them sweat, costumes can be left dirty, foul-smelling, and growing bacteria as a result.

Before putting on the mascot costume, try your best to confirm that it is clean and fresh. A costume that has bacteria in it and smells bad will lead to an unpleasant experience for you and you may even sacrifice your health by wearing it. If you are renting the costume, return it to the store and request a costume that is in better shape. If the costume is yours, air it out after every use, hand-wash, and dry-clean it when needed.

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