4 Popular Characteristics of a Wooden Watch

Despite the advent and prevalence of smartphones with abilities to give accurate times, watches have not lost their charm and they probably never will. Many people still enjoy wearing watches and while ones made of plastic or metal have historically been the most popular kinds, wooden watches have gained on them.

If you are in the market for a new watch and want to try on something different, below are reasons to consider a wooden one.

1. Different

As mentioned, watches made of plastic or metal have been the most popular types for years. While many of these are elegant and comfortable, some people may want something different.

Wooden watches are becoming popular because they offer a nice alternative to traditional materials. Therefore, when you wear your wooden watch, yours will be different among many made of the same materials. Wooden watches are hand-made or manufactured using many different types of wood such as maple, bamboo, sandalwood, and teak. Every piece of wood used for the watches have different grains and shades to them. This guarantees that every one made will be different and that yours will be unique.

2. Durable

People who buy watches deserve a strong, durable item where they can participate in activities and live their lives without worrying about their watch breaking. Luckily, wooden watches offer this durability, giving you the peace of mind that no matter what you do, your watch will survive.

Wooden watches are known to be extremely lightweight yet durable enough to allow you to maintain your active lifestyle without any issues at all. Watches made of other materials are notorious for getting hot in extreme temperatures and becoming uncomfortable to the point where the wearer needs to remove it. Wooden watches do not have the metal parts that become hot and is a more breathable material, allowing a greater degree of comfort in comparison.

3. Stylish

When wearing a watch, you probably have to goals: being able to tell the time and looking fashionable. Watches made of other materials can help you achieve these goals but wooden watches are different because they allow you to do it in style.

Wooden watches are available in different patterns, shades, and types of wood. They can be made to look extremely luxurious without the added cost or plain and minimal. Therefore, no matter what you wear, it will match perfectly. Wooden watches are considered timeless pieces. This is because they are able to maintain their elegant appearances no matter how old they are. The only change you may see in them is the colour of wood that changes as the result of the natural oils in your skin. However this adds character to the piece and does not take away from its great and elegant appearance.

4. Eco-friendly

As the result of human interference, the environment is in brutal shape, the worst it has ever been in history. Therefore, people need to do their parts and take steps to help the environment.

Wooden watches are the most eco-friendly on the market. When a craftsperson or manufacturer makes one, it is often produced from recycled wood or if a tree was cut down and used in the process, a new one is planted. Therefore, the depletion of tree population will not be a concern. Few chemicals are used during the production of wooden watches compared to ones made of other materials, meaning less will be released into the atmosphere. Wood is also known to absorb carbon dioxide. This means as you wear your wooden watch, you will be absorbing chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

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