4 Benefits Associated With Coffee Enemas

An enema is an alternative medical procedure that involves introducing liquid into the rectum for the purpose of relieving constipation. It can also be defined as preparation to look into a person’s bowel. Suffering from constipation for a long period can be both harmful and uncomfortable. This can lead to bowel blockage and may even cause a hole in the bowel.

A wide range of substances has been used for this procedure. The most commonly used substances include mineral oil and water. When using water, a small amount of soap is added so as to act as a laxative.

However, people have also tried using coffee enemas as a solution. Coffee enemas have, according to studies, been reported to have many health benefits. Below are some of the benefits associated with a coffee enema.

1. They increase antioxidant activity

Coffee enema increases the production of a chemical known as glutathione S-transferase. Coffee enema causes this chemical to be produced above the normal level. The enzyme is very effective in scavenging free radicals within a person’s digestive tract. Free radicals are responsible for causing poor gut health, body-wide inflammation, cellular damage and liver disease.

Once the radicals are finished, bile produced by the liver and gallbladder transports these toxic substances out the body by way of bowel movements.

2. They help fight cancer

Medical researchers have hailed procedure as a natural treatment for cancer. Research has shown that an organic vegetarian diet, coffee enemas and pancreatic enzymes can be used to treat cancer.

3. Helps the body detoxify

Coffee enemas help the body to get rid of toxic substances from the wall of the gut and blood stream. Dialysis is known to be an artificial way of enhancing the process of detoxification. The main role of enema is to mechanically clean out the colon. This removes harmful bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and yeast that are responsible for causing some diseases.

Apart from the coffee itself, the water used in coffee enemas has some therapeutic effect on the body. This is known as water therapy or hydrotherapy; it helps the body heal by flushing the rectum and colon. This process also speeds up the transit time of passing stool.

4. Helps relieve constipation

Constipation is one of the most common problems adults suffer. This is why laxatives are one of the most bought over-the-counter drugs. Coffee enemas provide you with a natural relief for constipation. The increase in water in the colon helps to stimulate peristalsis in the gut: water also helps improve bile production.

In order for a coffee enema to be more effective, it is advisable that you drink a lot of water and adhere to a healthy diet. This will include cutting out the consumption of inflammatory foods like white refined flour, sugar, and hydrogenated fats. These foods are usually responsible for slowing down digestion.

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