10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easy

by wuestenigel

It won’t be long before spring will soon be upon us. New growth, new life and a chance to freshen your world around you. So why not start at home? If the idea of spring cleaning sends your stomach into the pit of dread, we have a few tips for making your spring cleaning easier. While most of us can’t afford janitorial services, we can at least do a pretty good job ourselves.

1) Use your dishwasher.

Consider the awkward to clean items in your homes. Vases, toothbrushes, sponges, and some other plastic toys. Use the gentle cycle and don’t heat dry.

2) Remember the walls and cabinets.

Using dish washing liquid and a sponge, or a sponge mop, make sure to wash your walls and cabinets. Gently dry them with a cloth. It’s an easy thing to forget amidst spring cleaning but these areas do need their attention. Particularly cabinets around the cooking areas.

3) Clean up the garbage disposal.

With all that food your garbage disposal consumes, it’s no surprise it can smell a bit funky at times. So, drop a sliced lemon and grind it and that will give it a lemon freshness it has been missing.

4) Clear out the room you are cleaning.

The best way to handle the deep cleaning associated with spring is empty the room that you are about to clean. Take out as much clutter as you can. Also, make sure to donate or store the items you don’t use much or use at all.

5) Take it one room at a time.

It can be overwhelming if you take on the task of spring cleaning with the whole house in mind. Take it bit by bit and break it up by rooms. Don’t be nervous about taking the time to spread out the work as well. You don’t have to spring clean in a day!

6) Get the products you’ll need at once.

Make sure you purchase the disinfectant wipes, cleaning supplies, window cleaner, dusting materials, and everything else you’ll need in advance. Also do a test run on the vaccuum and make sure it’s in working condition as well.

7) Clean out the pantry.

How many of us have spices that are at least ten years old? If you said no, you probably haven’t checked yet. Make sure when you are cleaning out your pantry, you check expiration dates and get rid of spices that are expired.

8) Clean the fridge with baking soda.

The nice thing about baking soda is that is not toxic and a safe cleaner to use for your fridge. When you are done scrubbing down the fridge with the cleaner, leave an opened box of baking soda open in the back of the fridge to maintain freshness

9) Use essential oils to freshen your counters.

Add a couple of drops of a citrus based essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray your counters and cabinets to add a fresh scent to your kitchen.

10) Use your broom – on the carpet.

One way that tends to shorten the life of the vaccuum is all the items it picks up that weren’t meant to be picked up in the first place. Think of all those earrings you’ve lost, tacks that dropped to the carpet, paperclips, small toys, and everythinge else in between that maybe are left unseen in the carpet. So take the broom and do a quick sweep of a room before you vaccuum it and that will pick up all the pieces that may harm the vaccuum.

Hopefully these tips will help you get started on spring cleaning with ease.

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