10 Songs for your Moving Day Playlist

Moving soon? Whether you are lucky enough to be moving within the beautiful city of Edmonton or moving across the country, it can be a stressful task. Be sure you have the right movers and contact Edmonton movers if you want a price quote for your move. In the meantime, need a playlist that can get you motivated to start packing? Consider these 10 songs to add to your playlist and start filling those boxes.

1) Feel it Still by Portugal. The Man

Something about the start of this song will make you boogie in place as you start packing up your sock drawer.

2) Baby One More Time by Brittney Spears

This 90s classic is sure to get you dancing in the hallway. There’s a reason this is one of the best selling single of all time.

3) Weapon of choice by Fat Boy Slim

Something about Christopher Walken dancing around a hotel lobby gives this song just the thing it needs to get us moving around. May you get in touch with your inner Christopher Walken as you pack up.

4) All Shook Up Elvis Presley

Released in 1957, some songs know no age and this is one of them. This is sure to get you packing with a jig, just make sure not to shake those boxes too much.

5) Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Rock is a genre that is sure to get you to the zone you need to be in in order to start packing. That beginning guitar will feel like your heart is beating right along with it and you just need to start moving to keep up.

6) Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Sometimes you need to get in touch with your inner Rocky in order to start your moving day. Maybe after everything is all packed up, you can do that Rocky cheer at the end.

7) Africa by Toto

Why not bless the rains down in Africa while you pack up your books? This classic 80s song is just the tune you need for moving day.

8) Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs

This do-wop type of pop song will make you jump and jive as you pack up your linen closet. How can you resist not dancing along and taking up Olly Murs on his invitation to boogie?

9) Vogue by Madonna

Pack up your bathroom essentials and do a quick vogue in the mirror while this one plays. Let your body pack to this music!

10) Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry


For any Back to the Future fans, you’ll want to air guitar this classic right alongside Michael J Fox. This is sure to get you moving and get everything packed up right to the end.

Hopefully with this list, you’ll have the right mindset to pack up, organize, and finish off moving day with success. Be sure to contact Edmonton movers for your moving day needs.

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