10 Characteristics of the Dream Retirement Home

The only constant in life is change. And the best way to prepare for change is to plan. Planning is one of the most frequently undertaken exercise in everyone’s life. One of the last big changes people plan for is moving from being employed to retiring. And one of the most important things to consider in this plan are retirement homes.

Most people today wish the retirement phase of their lives to be the stress-free time when they can finally relax, put up their feet on the table, and enjoy life after years of hard work and dedication. The list below mentions the top things to consider while choosing a retirement home, so the retirement phase of life can be as trouble-free, relaxed and rewarding as possible.

1. Location, Location, Location

Like with all real estate decisions, the location of the retirement home is one of the most important factors to consider. From preferred weather conditions to proximity to kids and families, all location-related aspects should be well-thought-out before zeroing down on the location of the retirement home.

2. The Building

There are a few things to look out for here. The list includes cleanliness and the overall condition of the structure. The importance of accessibility options like ramps and holding bars can never be emphasized enough. Some people like a community feel while others prefer personal space, and the retirement home structure is a good indicator of what’s in store.

3. Rooms

The room is going to be the new home. Some people prefer big, spacious layouts while others prefer cozy spaces. Other things to consider while checking the rooms is the amount of natural light entering the room, if there is enough space for the occupant’s favourite piece of furniture, and any other preferences.

4. Staff

How courteous and welcoming the staff is will have a major impact on how the occupant feels during their stay. Check for things like how the staff behaves with other residents and if they know everyone’s first names. A polite and caring staff can easily make other minor shortcomings bearable.

5. Residents

Whether one prefers to mingle with other residents or be more private, interactions with other residents is an unavoidable part of living in retirement homes. Asking the staff about the average resident is a great way of understanding the kind of backgrounds residents come from. A careful observation of the residents could reveal a lot about their experience at the retirement home, so pay close attention.

6. Health services

With old age, the timely availability of health services becomes increasingly important. Check if the retirement home allows for doctors to visit patients. Ask if staff nurses are available 24/7. The decision on the quality of health services should be made keeping in mind that health needs will increase as the years pass by.

7. Amenities and Activities

Retired life shouldn’t be boring. Check the amenities and activities that are offered at the retirement home. People’s preferences change with time, so it is always better to opt for retirement homes that offer a wide variety of amenities and activities to keep the residents active and entertained.

8. Food

Check the food arrangement. Are meals included in the monthly costs? Do visitors have to pay for their meals? Are meals prepared keeping allergies and special dietary restrictions in mind?

9. Finances

People spend a considerable amount of years in retirement homes. Decisions should be made keeping the budgets and expenses in mind. An unforeseen, health related expense shouldn’t be a burden on existing monthly expenses.

10. The Feel

Remember, it is not all about making logical decisions. Sometimes, everything else might be in order and still the place might not have the right feel. Make sure the chosen retirement home has all the things one is looking for and, more importantly, also feels like the right place to spend the retired life.

Many people make a checklist and go through them during their test stays are retirement home. If this is a possibility, always opt for it.

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